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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tarte High-Performance Naturals Pure Maracuja Oil

I sometimes find that something I bought for myself doesn't seem fated to belong to me.  That is true with this 3-piece maracuja oil roller ball collector's set call "To Give, To Get, To Glow."  I know this was a really big thing this past Christmas season so I was glad to see that Sephora still had some in stock.  Even better, these were in their clearance/sale section!

I gave the two roller ball vials on the right to my husband, one to keep at home and one to keep at work.  He has dry skin around his nose and lips that get a little flaky when not moisturized.  The area around his mouth is more dry and flaky due to his daily shaving routine.  He was using Vaseline to keep it moisturized but found that it was really thick and left his skin with an oil slick sheen.  That's where the maracuja oil came in.  He tried it and really loved the results for his particular skin problems.

So this product review will be written from my husband's point of view.


I always write product reviews in the same way.  I state the product claims individually, then I write down my (in this case my husband's) experience per each claim.

This product claims to:

Restore skin balance to aid in skin recovery and rejuvenation
Hubby says: "Yeah, it does."  It's helped his skin recover from the dryness caused by shaving, and that dry problem area around his nose to stay hydrated and flake-free.  In keeping the areas hydrated, the oil has also helped improve his skin texture, essentially softening rough dry skin.

Maracuja oil gives the appearance of brighter skin thanks to a high dose of pure vitamin C
Hubby says: "It looks like it."  To my eyes, his skin looks brighter and even has a bit of glow, kind of like your mid-morning glow.  The overall effect of the oil has been to make his skin look smoother and a bit younger.

As far as the consumer study goes, my husband agrees with 3 of the 4 results:
  • Overall visible improvement in skin - yes
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles - he doesn't use it in these areas
  • Visible improvement in skin texture - yes
  • Skin appeared renewed and rejuvenated - yes

As for me, pregnancy has made my skin really itchy due to the expansion of certain body parts and weight gain.  It's exacerbated by dry skin.  Since I don't like using maracuja oil on my face (it makes my face super greasy), I use it on my problem areas.  I find that the oil itself is not hydrating enough on body skin.

Would he recommend this product to others with his similar skin condition?  Yes, he would.  On skin with a dry problem, like the area around his nose, this product works like a charm.  But he'd like to caution against expecting too much if using the oil in areas that get irritated on a daily basis, like the skin around his mouth and chin where he shaves every day.  He feels like he needs an extra application during the day to deal with the dryness on his chin.

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