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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's in my travel bag to Chicago?

When I say that I like to travel, it really means that I like being somewhere else more than I like the act of travelling.  However, in order to get from here to there, I have to deal with travelling and going through airports and all the TSA regulations and what not.  Therefore, I've mentally classified travel into two categories:  long-term travels and short-term travels.  

Long-term travels are basically anything over 1 week of being away from home.  They usually require large luggage that need to be checked in.

Short-term travels are basically anything shorter than 4 days.  If I can cram everything into a carry-on bag, all the better!

I recently went on a business trip to Chicago (it was strictly business so O'Hare Airport is about as much of Chicago you will see in this post), and thought I'd document what I brought on my trip as a result of my travelling experiences.  I'm going to skip the makeup portion because it's just brushes and a small makeup palette for the face.

For everything else that are in the pictures, I packed 1 extra pair or "serving" of skincare products for Just-in-Case events, which I'll get to at the end of my post.

Eye care: I don't even bother with lenses and contact solution.  I had an instance in Taiwan where they threw away my brand new in box travel sized contact solution bottle because it was over their liquid limit.  So, I just use one-day usage lenses on short trips.

Skin care: I packed a couple of makeup remover wipes into a zip top bag and packed cleansers, toners, moisturizers and SPF into contact lens cases.  I brought extra cleanser, moisturizer, and threw in the Koh Gen Do Gommage Spa Gel just in case I ran out, which I didn't.  

My skin is itchy from being stretched out by the baby.  The drugstore itch relief cream is essential because moisturizers don't do enough these days.

There were a few things I didn't pack because I knew I could get them from the hotel.  Major hotels usually have some sort of agreement with cosmetics companies, so I knew I'd be able to try out something different. The Bath & Body Works White Citrus shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion were really nice to try out.  I may buy a full size version of the shampoo later on.  The last thing I got from the hotel was toothpaste.  :-)

O'Hare Airport.  Storm clouds rolling in in the distance.

So, about that Just-in-Case thing I mentioned at the top of my post?  Well, on the day that I was coming back to Los Angeles, Chicago - the Mid West, essentially - had a massive storm system roll in.  Our flight got delayed for several hours, got cancelled, then reinstated, then delayed again.  I was really worried they would cancel our flight for good, but luckily and thankfully, our captain found a break in the storm and got us up in the air and on our way back home!

What do you pack in your travel bags?

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