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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gifts from Taiwan

What I really love about going to Taiwan is catching up with family about what's going on their lives.  It's so interesting to see my cousins all grown up and reminisce about how we used to do things or play games when we were younger.  It's so different to see them all grown up now when I always remember everyone as kids.

Anyways, while we were in Taiwan, I got a couple of gifts from my brother's girlfriend and her sister.

These are some handmade soaps that my brother's girlfriend's sister made.  The soap on the bottom is a hair soap.  I want to use them but I want to save them for as long as possible too. 

This is a Lunasol starter set my brother's girlfriend gave me for our Engagement Ceremony last year.  I love that the eyeshadow palette is so neutral and can create effortless looks.  The only shade that makes me a little uncomfortable is the lightest shade in the top left corner.  I personally think it's a glitter bomb and I'm not sure how to wear it.

The lip gloss is super moisturizing and not very sticky.  It looks really pink in the tube but it actually wears a little bit more sheer.

The cream cheeks is a little intimidating for me to use but it's only because I haven't had enough experience using it.  I think the color comes off more like a bronzed peachy pink.  

 I'm really thankful to have received these gifts from my brother's girlfriend.  I'm so happy!!


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