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Thursday, August 8, 2013

24 Weeks!

I won't lie.  I'm really concerned about my weight gain.  I'm supposed to gain 25-35 pounds during my pregnancy, and my doctor says I've gained 20 by now.  I have 15 more pounds to go and definitely more weeks to go in this journey.  Our next appointment will also include a glucose test for gestational diabetes.  I may need to go easy on my cravings for cold and/or sweet stuff.....

                                                           ......But it's so hard to say no to OREOs and ice cream!!!!

My husband took this picture of me holding our baby when I asked him if he saw any growth in the baby/tummy.  It's hard for me to see the growth sometimes because I study my body in the mirror every day.  What do you think?  Definite growth since 17 Weeks?  

Second Trimester Complaints

Hot flashes and sweat - I have always preferred being cold over being hot, but it's just unbearably hot.  I'm hot all the time and almost always breaking a sweat.  It could also be from my weight gain where body parts that rarely rubbed each other are now rubbing each other all the time, such as inner thighs, under arms and arm pits, and boobs resting on my ribs. 

Swollen feet - Luckily, my feet aren't swollen enough to be considered fat and puffy, but they are swollen enough to make wearing shoes a painful thing.  I don't know about other mothers-to-be, but it feels like the fleshy padding under my feet bones are thinned out so it just hurts to stand, even for short periods of time.

Can't bend over anymore - I lose my breath now when I'm in a sitting position and try to bend over to try to take care of my feet.  It feels like I have a small beach ball on my lap when I do.  I had to finally go in for a pedicure so they could cut my toenails for me.

My back is starting to feel the strain - I feel it most when I have to get in and out of the car.  It feels like a small pressure on the tail bone.

Walking is more like waddling - I feel part of it is due to our baby growing so much and part of it is due to my weight gain.  I definitely sway more from side to side.

The Blessing

There is a distinction now between the baby moving and gas.  My husband, for the first time, felt the baby kick his palm and it was such a special moment!!!

I know I put a lot of my physical complaints online, but nothing takes away from the fact that I wouldn't change a thing.  I've been worried this entire pregnancy about the health and development of the baby.  I sometimes don't voice them out loud, even to my husband because I don't want him to worry.  But, for the first time in the last 6 months, I've started to be more optimistic and hopeful about our little treasure soon making an appearance.

I know parenthood is an endless march of worries and precautions, but I don't think my husband and I are going to let that get us down.  We're looking forward to meeting this new life we created and our next chapter as a family of 3 humans and 4 cats.


  1. Who can say no to oreos and ice cream?! =p

    I'm so glad to read that your pregnancy is going well... aside from the symptoms, I mean.

    I'm so excited for you guys!!! =)

  2. Thanks, Linh! We just started looking for cribs and strollers and car seats. Haven't bought anything yet, but at least we're on our way!


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