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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Home Improvement Project: Central Air and Review of Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

My husband and I knew that when we bought our house we were not getting A/C, central or otherwise, or even a moderately updated kitchen.  We considered the inconvenience for a moment, but what mattered most was location, location, location.  Our neighborhood makes us happy! 

However, being pregnant in summer and in a house that gets hotter than the outside temperature just would not do.  My husband and I agreed that this is our house and we should be comfortable in it.  Also, we needed to be able to provide our future baby with a comfortable place to live, too!

And so, at 25 weeks preggers, we called 3 local companies to come quote the job.  We had them quote for the removal of the forced air furnace in the basement, the removal of the ducts beneath the home, and the installation of a brand new dual speed, hybrid Carrier system that would provide centralized cold air and heat and be controlled from 1 thermostat.  Our stipulation was that it needed to have a bit more juice because we planned to add another room or two to the house at a future date.

We decided to go with Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning Inc because of 3 major factors.  

1.  They had a lot of good reviews of Yelp, and most of the reviews centered around customer service.  Also important is that the reviews span multiple years.

2.  They were the first ones to call me back to set up an appointment for the quote and they were the only ones who provided a same-day quote (very considerate and convenient for quick decision making).  

3.  And the owner/president Matt McConaughy (not related to the actor, I asked!) personally came out to do the walk through.  He was very thorough, sat with us and explained what our options were, and gave us his recommendations without being pushy about it.  He even encouraged us to get other quotes for comparison.  He did add that Bryant didn't do under-the-table stuff and that his company pulls permits for the work they did.  

Matt quoted us a price that was higher than expected but fell within a reasonable range of the other quotes we got.  He also said it would take 4 business days to complete the work.  After some consideration, we decided to have them start work as soon as possible, which was Wednesday morning.

His crew of 3 men came when they said they would, between 8:30am and 9:00 am, and got to work right away.  They answered any questions I had very courteously and professionally.  They took really quick lunches then got right back to work.  They cleaned up after themselves at the end of each day, even bringing a vacuum to pick up the bits of debris that fell from the attic or got dragged up from the basement.  They didn't half-ass anything from what I observed.

When the lead was asking me where I wanted the thermostat placed, he told me it was their "goal" to finish the job on Friday, and they delivered!  It took 3 days for us to get our central A/C and it was great!

After the work was completed, we needed to get the HERS inspection before the city inspection for the permits.  Margie coordinated the whole thing, got documents to the appropriate parties, and even loaned us a ladder for the inspection.  She basically took all the guess work out of it for us, even if it meant she was stuck on the phone with the city.

Matt came by again to personally deliver the warranty information and tell us how the warranties worked and how our review would be considered by the execs at Carrier.

All in all, my husband and I are very satisfied with the work Bryant did.  Our HERS inspection found that there is less than a 1% leakage of air in the work that was done and we passed the city inspection!  I would recommend Bryant to family, friends and strangers in So Cal.  They might not be the cheapest company around but the quality of their work, workers, and customer service is off the charts.  If you want a company you can trust, choose Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning!

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