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Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Empties + Mini Product Reviews


I always feel so accomplished whenever I finish anything related to skincare because it's so easy to get bored with whatever I'm using and buy something else.  The result is an accumulation of an excess of bottles and jars of creams and serums that take up real estate in my cabinets, which I can't afford right now.  So, for the month of August, I present to you TWO finished skincare items.  

Kate Lorraine Placenta Serum

Claim: This product uses bovine placenta to help generate younger, firmer, and newer skin to help prevent the signs of aging.

How I use it: At night only.  I used this and only this after getting out of the shower.

My results: I thought my skin gained a decent amount of luminosity.  If it weren't for my age/sun spots on my upper cheek bones, I'd say my skin looked like it was in its mid-20's.  I also really loved the fact that it absorbed so well into my skin that there was 0% tackiness left behind.  This is only the second product I've used that has done that.  If it was more accessible I'd strongly consider buying this again.

Botanics Complexion Refining Toning Lotion

Claim: This product has rosemary extract to help tone pores and Amazonian clay to help absorb oil throughout the day.

How I use it: In the mornings only with a cotton pad.

My results: This product was very affordable at Target and it was very refreshing to use.  But I didn't feel that the Amazonian clay did anything to absorb oil throughout the day.  I don't think I'd repurchase this toner again.  


  1. The joy of finishing a product is wonderful! But I am also sad sometimes that the product is done with =\

    1. That's true, especially if it's a product that you absolutely loved because it just jived with your skin. I always think to myself I'll repurchase something and usually I do, but sometimes the temptation to try something new is too strong. :-)

    2. I know! I always tell myself this is so good! I am going to keep using this forever! But when you walk into the store there are so many options that just tempt you away.... ><


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