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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Figure Robics by Jung Dayeon: Figure Dance

I am really looking forward to working out after our baby is born.  It's been difficult maintaining a healthy diet regimen when all I crave is cookies and ice cream (shameful, I know!).  It's also been difficult maintaining a fitness regimen the bigger I get.  So many aches and pains creep in and limit mobility.  I have a new appreciation and admiration for women who bear more than 1 child.

Anyways, my brother's girlfriend introduced me to this South Korean diet and fitness guru called Jung Dayeon.


Can you believe this woman is 46 years old?!  Can you believe that she's a mother of two?!?!  What I consider super inspiring is that she developed these workout routines to meet the needs of an Asian market, namely women who want to slim and trim down without building up too much muscle mass.  
The workout I want to do after having our baby is one of her Figure Robics routines called Figure Dance.  

Ready...  Set...  Let's Start!


1.  Open the lungs (top left) - 8 reps
2.  Tilt head side-to-side (top right) - 16 reps
3.  Look left and right (bottom left) - 16 reps
4.  Roll head (bottom middle) - 4 reps each direction
5.  Roll shoulders (bottom right) - 4 reps each direction

6.  Hip stretch (left) - 16 reps.  When you add a little groove to it, this move will become the Bridge.
7.  Standing crunch and release - 16 reps


1.  Biceps (top left) - 16 reps
2.  Triceps and hips (top right) - 16 reps

Bridge - 16 reps

3.  Triceps (bottom left) - 16 reps each arm, then 16 reps both arms
4.  Triceps and shoulders (bottom right) - 16 full reps, then half-way pulses 16 reps

5.  Shoulders and lats (top left) - 16 full reps, then half-way pulses 16 reps
6.  Shoulders (middle left) - 16 full reps, then half-way pulses 16 reps
7.  Shoulders and pecs (bottom left) - 16 reps each arm
8.  Shoulders and pecs (top right) - 16 reps both arms
9.  Shoulders, pecs, and hips (bottom right) - 16 reps

Bridge - 16 reps


1.  Oblique stretches (bottom left) - 16 full reps then half-way pulses 16 reps, switch arms
2.  After last rep with both arms up, bend body at hips (bottom right) - 8 reps, 4 counts going down, 4 counts going up

3.  From last move (top left), swing right (top right) - hold position for 16 counts
4.  Swing left (middle left) - hold position for 16 counts
5.  Return to center (middle right) - Hold position for 16 counts, then quarter-way pulses 16 reps
6.  Keeping hips still, swing body and arms in a large circle (bottom left) - 8 reps
7.  Switch direction (bottom right) - 8 reps

Bridge - 16 reps


1.  Ballet-style squats (top left) - 16 reps
2.  On final ballet-style squat (middle left) crunch and release - 16 reps
3.  Widen stance with body lowered (bottom left) hip stretches - 16 reps

Bridge - 16 reps

4.  Squats (top right) pulse up and down 3 counts then stand (bottom right) on 4th count - 8 reps

5.  Squat, stand, lunge (left top, middle, bottom) - 4 reps each leg
6.  Moving bridge (right top, bottom) - 32 reps total.  Alternate 4 reps moving hips lower, 4 reps moving hips higher until 32 reps are completed.

Bridge - 16 reps

7.  Top row - 16 reps each side
8. Middle row - 16 reps each direction
9.  Bottom left - 16 reps each side

Bridge - 16 reps

10.  Combo Bridge and Opening Lungs - 8 reps

Jung Dayeon repeats the exercises after each Bridge.  This routine can easily hit the 30 minute mark.  The only thing I would do differently is redo the warm up at the end for a more comprehensive cool down.

I think this could be a great workout for beginners and people who need to start with a low-impact exercise routine.  Once you've gained stamina and strength, you can increase the intensity by adding light weights to the exercises.

I can't wait to do the full routine!  For those who are just as inspired by Jung Dayeon, let me know what you think of her workouts and if you have any other fitness inspirations to share.


  1. Thanks so much for the detailed post! I promise your hard work will not be in vain as I will start doing this the days I don't hit the gym!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You're welcome! You and me both! Let me know how you like it. I've only done the arm exercises so I don't know what the full workout feels like yet. I'm open if you want to share some of your workout results, too. :-)

  2. awww thank you so much for the translations i did this yesterday but having the names and reps of everything just makes me feel better :)

    1. Hi Maryam! You're so welcome! It doesn't look like it would be a very hard workout but it's so surprising when you wake up the next morning feeling so sore. LOL! Good luck!


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