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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Empties

I love the feeling of finishing multiple products each month!  For October, I am pleased to present the following:


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiance Exfoliating Wash
The Hubs got this for me last year from a breast cancer awareness event his work hosted.  I have been using it ever since with my Clarisonic Mia2.  You can use it without the Clarisonic because it has micro crystals in the product that help exfoliate and polish your skin.  But I really enjoyed it with the Clarisonic to clean out stubborn blackheads in my pores.  What I loved about this product individually and together with the Clarisonic was how soft and smooth my skin was after each cleansing.

Kate Lorraine Placenta Serum
My thoughts here.   Have you ever had an opinion about a certain product strengthen or weaken depending on the products you use after finishing it?  I just wanted to bring it up because my opinion about Kate Lorraine Placenta Serum strengthened.  The Placenta Serum really did something to bring out an inner glow around the center of my face that I'm not seeing with my current serum.

Merle Norman Luxiva Moisture Rich Facial Treatment
This is a face mask that my BFF sent me a while ago.  I liked using it only during specific seasons like autumn and winter, when the weather cools down and my skin gets less oily and more dry.  It's an okay moisture mask.  It seemed to work more effectively after exfoliation, so I kept it in the shower with me to use after cleansing my face.  How I used it was in the shower, at the beginning of the shower and rinsed it off at the end of the shower.  

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil
My thoughts here.  I credited this before with helping me not get any stretch marks.  Since finishing the last maracuja oil vial, I've had to switch to a different oil and noticed that I suddenly have stretch marks and itchy patches.  I have 1 stretch mark by my belly button, and 4 on my left hip/love handle area.  They are all shaped like Harry Potter's scar.  Now, I'm not completely sure if Tarte's maracuja oil is solely responsible for keeping my skin in great condition or if the stretch marks and itchy patches was going to happen regardless because the baby and I are just getting that much bigger.  

Cotton Rounds
Necessary tools.  ^_^


Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel
A gift from my BFF, I love love love the scent of this shower gel!  I didn't use it as a shower gel, I used it as a hand soap after putting on tinted moisturizer.  If I could, I would live in the scent.

Dove Winter Care (body wash)
I bought this last year to use for the winter.  It's taken me a while to finish this 3-pack of body wash because... well... I just don't like the way this body wash doesn't lather as much as regular soap without me dumping a bunch onto my wash rag.  

Earth Mama, Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil
This is the oil I used after the Tarte maracuja oil.  It had a nice citrus scent to it.  I felt that it helped keep my skin moisturized but I also developed stretch marks and itchy spots under this oil's watch.  Again, I'm not sure if it's because the oil wasn't effective enough or if the stretch marks and itchy spots were going to happen no matter what I used on my skin.  Either way, I'd recommend this oil to expecting moms because the scent would really help with morning sickness.

That's it for my October Empties.  Thanks for reading!

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