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Saturday, October 12, 2013

ZWOW 59: Core and Abs

Zuzka's Workout Of the Week 59 caught my interest because it's pretty low impact for a Zuzka Light workout.  I've been following her for a little over 3 years and I think she's so inspirational.  She maintains a positive attitude and invites her viewers to do the workout with her.  All of her workouts require good form.

I want to add this to my post-baby workout routine around week 5 or 6, or when my doctor says it will be okay to do more intense workouts.

Ready...  Set...  Let's Start!

RDL Pushups consists of 4 moves:
  • Basic pushup
  • Step one foot by your hand
  • Touch elbow to the floor
  • The stretch toward the ceiling and return to starting position.

Do 10 reps alternating each leg and arm

Cross A Round the Worlds (top row) consists of 1 move:
  • Holding a weight in your hands, draw a big circle around your torso.

Do 20 reps, alternating directions.

Weighted Reverse Lunge Twists (bottom row) consists of 3 moves:
  • Holding the same weight in your hands, take a step back
  • Lower your body in a reverse lunge
  • Twist your body so the weight is by the hip with the leg in front of your, then return to standing position

Do 20 reps, alternating feet

Cross Body Mountain Climbers has 2 moves:
  • In a plank position, raise one knee to your chest
  • Cross it across your body, then return to the starting position

Do 20 reps, alternating each leg

Side Skips has 2 basic moves:
  • Skip to the right
  • Touch left hand to the right foot, then skip to the left

Do 30 reps, skipping from side to side.  That half-ball thing Zuzka's skipping on helps intensify the workout but I think you can do this workout without it. 

Do a total of 3 rounds of the routine for the complete workout.  It might take between 20 and 30 minutes.

This workout would be good for intermediate beginners, people who have already established a regular workout routine and who are looking to add strength and stamina training to their routines.  I was saying this is one of Zuzka's lower-impact workouts, so it's good for people who don't want to impact their joints too much.

I'm posting her website and YouTube links below in case anyone is interested in adding ZWOW's and other workouts to their exercise routines.

Zuzka Light website here

Zuzka Light YouTube channel here

Let me know how you like this workout routine and if you have any other fitness inspirations.  I can't wait to do these!

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