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Friday, December 20, 2013

Post Pregnancy Weightloss

I will be updating this entry over time. 

Weight before giving birth: 180.4 lbs  
I had cravings for sweets and slowly stopped exercising toward the end because I had so many aches and pains. 

1 week after giving birth: 168.8 lbs

Week 2: 160.0 lbs 
And I have been maintaining 160 lbs since. 

I started taking walks with Jellybean during the days when my husband is at work. Sometimes I push her stroller, sometimes I carry her in the Ergo Baby carrier.  Let's see if adding light walking helps!  

1/1/2014. Happy New Year!  My weight starting this year has dropped to 155.4 lbs. This is a result of walking around my neighborhood with my daughter. 

Map My Run is the app I'm using. 

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