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Friday, December 20, 2013

Settling into a Routine

It's been a few weeks since we brought our daughter home and the uncertainties of being new parents have subsided a bit. Our daughter is hitting small and large milestones, which is really reassuring to my husband and me. 

She's outgrown 2 sizes of infant clothing and gained 2 pounds over her birth weight. She was weaned off of formula and the bottle and is now exclusively breast fed. 

Her sleep schedule used to be erratic but we're settling into a routine. She sleeps more at night now (thank goodness!) and is up more during the day. I do my best to take her for walks in the morning or afternoon to help get her circadian clock set. 

She loves to play with her daddy. She can track him with her eyes and will often turn her head to wherever he is. 

She has learned how to suck on her fist to comfort herself. She hasn't found her thumb yet. 

She has also started spending more time awake looking around an processing things without crying. 

She's smart!  She has a small window of patience where she will let us know what she needs. If we don't read her cues right, she will lose her patience and start crying. 

Most heartwarming, she is starting to smile with intention at us!  

Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!  

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  1. Hello, congrats on the arrival of your baby princess! :) She's so pretty and sweet-looking. Have a wonderful NY ! :)


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