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Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Empties

Jellybean is growing so fast!  Her father has started to call her Lima Bean. :-) 
Anyways, these 3 items were everything that Bean Sprout and I finished this past month. I think we'll just put it out there that any reference to "Bean" will be a reference to my daughter. :-D

Boudreaux's Butt Paste
I got a sample of this when I bought my maternity clothes last year. I have to admit that I really love this product!  It's so easy to apply and so easy to wipe off without scrubbing raw baby's skin. Just because it's easy to wipe off doesn't mean it's not effective. We've been using this on Jellybean since we brought her home and she hasn't ever gotten a diaper rash. When I saw that her neck was red in the creases (similar to a diaper rash from moisture being trapped there), I applied a bit of the Butt Paste and voila!  The redness disappeared. We have 3 backups! 

Egyptian Magic
I've had this so long that I forgot when I bought it, 2009 or 2007!  Anyways, this is another great product I'm considering repurchasing. It's like Vaseline but more "natural". It works great to smooth and moisturize my skin over night, but doesn't work so great as a lip balm. 

Sisley Ecological Emulsion
I didn't appreciate this moisturizer until I used other moisturizers that were too thick or greasy or hard to blend. This emulsion is a great moisturizer in the winter. It is super emollient and blends easily and doesn't leave my skin a greasy mess. When I apply it at night, my skin stays moisturized through the night. And it smells good!

Happy Lunar New Year!  Year of the Horse!


  1. one of my girlfriends just had a baby girl, I am going to share the butt paste review with her!

    1. Hi Ari! Congratulations to your friend! Sure! There's also an Extra Strength version available, too. The key to avoiding diaper rash is vigilance and an "air out" time every day.


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