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Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I Do All Day When I Am Home With The Baby

I was totally inspired by The Ugly Volvo's blog post on what she does all day when she's home with the baby.

Since bringing Jellybean home, I feel like I haven't contributed much to the household.   I DON'T

         do the dishes
                                                       do laundry
                      feed the cats
                                                                        pick up cat poop
                                   sweep or mop the floor

It makes me wonder if my husband wonders what I do all day. So I decided to log it and see where the time goes. 

7:00 am. Get up, brush teeth, wash face, put in contacts, eat breakfast, talk a little with my husband before he leaves for work, turn on computer. 

8:00 am. Jellybean wakes up. Talk with her for a little, make her laugh and smile, make her coo, rub her back, pick her up and try to burp her from the night feedings. Let her do a bit of tummy time and get her Garden Gym set up. Take a few pictures and send them to the hubs. 

8:45 am. First diaper change and letting her air out. Give her vitamins. Wash her face and hands with warm wash cloth. Wipe down her butt with it while it's still warm. Moisturizer her face, then legs. Apply Butt Paste, then diaper, and put on her pants. 

9:00 am. Feed her. Play with her hands. 

9:10 am. Put her in her gym to play with dangling toys. 

9:30 am. Wondering if she's sleepy yet?  No... Not yet. Put her in Bumbo seat next to her gym so she can play with her dangling toys and see if she can reach for them yet. 

9:45 am. She's tired of Bumbo seat and starts fussing. Carry her in arms and walk around the house. Maybe she's getting tired. Put her in crib with hanging mobile. 

10:05 am. Still not napping yet. Nurse her to top off her tummy, then burp her. 

10:15 am. Put her in her swing. Let her grab my finger until the swing lulls her to sleep. 

10:25 am. She's asleep and I can finally work!  Log into email and begin reading, deleting, and replying to emails. Take a couple of Skype calls from work.  Log into the system to begin working and earning a paycheck. Hoping Jellybean stays asleep for a whole hour. Pet the cats as they come around. 

11:15 am. Jellybean wakes up and begins fussing around a little bit. I let her fuss for a few minutes while I finish up whatever task I'm working on. 

11:30 am. Tummy time. 

11:35 am. Change her diaper. Sometimes she pees on me, sometimes she doesn't. Talk to her, make her smile and talk back, sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and shake a rattle for her before putting the rattle in her hand to shake around. 

11:55 am. Nurse her. Play with her hands, smile and coo at her. Then try to burp her afterwards. 

12:15 pm. Put her in her gym to play with her hanging toys. Take a quick break to eat lunch, usually canned soup and salad. Go to the bathroom. Try to wash the dishes, but usually fail. Check in on Jellybean. 

12:30 pm. Is she sleepy?  A little bit. Move her to the crib and turn on her mobile. She's a little fussy but she's paying attention to it. I take a quick 5 minute break to gather my energy. 

12:40 pm. Pick her up and walk around, showing her her reflection, the cats, the light. Wiping her drool off her chin and my shoulders. Sing to her a little. Sit her on my knees and talk to her more, trying to make her smile and talk back. 

12:55 pm. She's starting to look more sleepy but I know she's not going to take her nap without some help. I nurse her to top off her belly, burp her, then try to put her to nap in bed or the crib. Most time it fails. 

1:15 pm. Put her in the swing and let that rock her to sleep. 

1:25 pm. She's asleep and I get back to work!  Sometimes, I help my husband do the dishes when there's absolutely nothing going on with work, which is once in a while. 

2:15 pm. Jellybean wakes!  She doesn't sleep much on her own. She sleeps best and longest when I sleep with her. I let her entertain herself for a few minutes as I finish up my tasks. 

2:30 pm. Tummy time. We're trying to work up to 20 minutes a day and I want to see if she's going to roll over. It's also a great way to air out her neck and have her look to the left. 

2:35 pm. Change the diaper and keep her calm and entertained by singing and giving her a rattle to hold and shake. She will pee outside the diaper since she's being changed so close to when she woke up. It's ok, I air her out even longer when she does. 

2:45 pm. Apply cream and put diaper back on. 

2:50 pm. Nurse her. Notice she's pushing and passing gas. Then notice she's pooping. 

2:55 pm. Change her diaper again. Keep her entertained and calm during diaper changing. Try to make her smile by over exaggerating my smiles and coos. 

3:10 pm. Finish nursing her. 

3:20 pm. Hope she's sleepy and ready for her nap because I'm ready to sit down and vegetate. She's not. Put her in her gym to play with her hanging toys. She's losing patience with the same old thing and starts to fuss. 

3:30 pm. Put her in crib and turn on the mobile. She liked it last week. But she's tired of being on her back so she fusses some more. 

3:40 pm. Put her in swing. Sometimes this will put her to sleep, and sometimes it won't. When it won't, I put her in Ergo Baby carrier and walk around the house, singing and dancing to her. 

3:50 pm. She gathers her energy to fuss, then suddenly falls asleep. I do a little bit of work while baby wearing, but it's inconvenient to type, so I log off and walk around the house. 

4:20 pm. I walk around the house for at least 30 minutes while baby wearing to make sure she gets a somewhat decent nap before risking taking her out of the Ergo. There's a 50% chance she'll stay asleep during the transition from Ergo to bed, especially if I nap with her. If not, I quickly nurse her back to sleep. 

5:10 pm. She wakes up again. I just lay with her or hold her and talk to her. I ask her what she dreamed and if she liked what she dreamed. She's very expressive when she talks to me, even though I can't understand her. I decide to give her a break from tummy time and diaper changing. 

5:20 pm. I pick her up and walk/dance around the house with her. 

5:35 pm. I'll practice sitting up with her. I support her sitting on the bed or in the Bumbo seat. If in the Bumbo, I put a toy on the table and let her practice reaching for it. 

5:50 pm. I put her in her gym to play with her hanging toys. While she's busy, I start getting her bath ready. 

6:00 pm. I get her ready for bath. The hubs usually comes home around now. 

6:05 pm. She gets a bath. 

6:15 pm. She's done with bath and we go through our post bath ritual. I moisturize her face, then legs. I comb her hair. Put on diaper cream and her diaper. Then I put on her clothes. She will usually cry and fight me on this. I'm too tired to try to convince her it's not so bad, so I let her cry while I put on her clothes. 

6:35 pm. Tummy time now so I can dry her neck and put a little of the diaper cream in her neck creases to keep them from turning red. 

6:40 pm. I try to nurse her to sleep while the hubs makes dinner. Most of the time she does go to sleep. 

7:10 pm. Wakes up. It's supposed to be time to sleep so we don't want to let her play in her gym and get excited. We put her in her crib and turn on the mobile. Sometimes she likes it and other times she doesn't. 

7:25 pm. Still not sleeping, so we pick her up and carry her around the house. 

7:50 pm. Might be sleepy. I try to nurse her to sleep. Fail. 

8:00 pm. Walk/dance with her around the house. 

8:15 pm. Try nursing her to sleep again. Fail, again. 

8:25 pm. Walk/dance with her around the house again 

8:45 pm. Try to nurse her to sleep again. Again, fail. 

8:50 pm. Rub her tummy as she begins crying. 

8:55 pm. Try to nurse her to sleep again. Her eyes are closing for longer and longer periods.

9:10 pm. She's finally asleep!  And she will stay asleep until tomorrow 8:00 am!  

Oh, so that's how I spend my days. It's totally something else when you put it in writing. 

I got this from, and I feel it really sums up how I feel at the end of each day. 

Thank you, hubby, for all your support and everything that you've done since before Jellybean was born!  

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