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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Home Improvement Project: Upgrading our Bathroom!

Sure, my husband and I could have bought and moved into a house that had already been brought into the 21st century, but where's the fun in that?  On the one hand, our house has a lot of character having been built before the Great Depression.  On the other hand, there are some things that really need updating.  With our savings, we decided to tackle the bathroom first.

Here's the floor plan for the old bathroom.  There was a wall in the middle of the room.

The wall in the middle of the bathroom ate up a lot of space in the bathroom and wasted precious square footage.  Additionally, there was a very small sink in such a large bathroom.  For a one-bath house, this made mornings a "my turn, your turn" routine.

The construction phase of the renovation lasted 3 weeks.  But look at how open our new bathroom is now!

I feel like these pictures adequately portray the vast improvements in the "after".  

My husband likes to tell people I designed the bathroom but that's not true.  My husband advocated for the faucet fixtures to be separated like you see in the picture above to draw attention to our granite vanity top.  He also selected our wall color (Silver Sage, for those who are curious), and had the original idea for subway tiles in the shower.  We waffled back and forth on the wall tiles in the shower and ended up getting a subway tile styled wall with large 9" x 13" glossy tiles.  And for the tiling details, we agreed on this rectangular one because it looked American Indian.  

We might have changed our minds several times on the tiles for the floor and wall, but the one thing we were adamant about was that this bathroom was going to stand the test of time.  We didn't want something that would look dated 30 years down the line and we wanted it to blend in with the theme of the house.  

We are planning to rehire this contractor for future work to the house.  If any of you are in the Los Angeles, Orange County or San Bernardino area and are looking for a contractor for your home renovations, let me recommend ours.  He's really committed to quality and is so easy to work with.  He will work with you on design ideas so that your house is truly your house.

Innovative Builders & Design located in Long Beach, CA.
Ask for Edgar!  Email: innovativebd (at) hotmail (dot) com

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Mommy Confession: The Baby Weight Isn't Coming Off

So I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy with Jellybean. After that, 20 lbs melted right off. Losing the other 20 pounds is proving to be a challenge. For a few weeks, I was going out for walks with Jellybean strapped in the Ergo Baby carrier. Then we started getting really hot weather in January which brought our walking to a stop. 

I started eating more salads and vegetables, but the salads were making me gassy, which was passed on through my breast milk to Jellybean. She started getting gassy and fussy, especially at night. That's no good!

So here I am....  160 lbs....

I downloaded this app called 7 Minute Workouts.

 I figure that if I cannot do a full 33 minute Figure Dance workout, I can split it up into smaller workouts and do a few sets all throughout the day. After all, even Jellybean's shortest nap can give me a few minutes to work out!

The reason I am barely starting to work out is that my abs feel like they are back to normal. Following Jellybean's birth, I was too weak in the abs to lift myself out of bed for several months. My spine has also changed it's shape a little bit. But I'm feeling more and more like myself now so let's get the show on the road!!!

I'm concentrating on workouts I can do at home and with minimal equipment!  Jellybean's shortest nap is 10 minutes so I need to be able to accomplish a workout in less time than that!  

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Empties

It is now time for another Empties post!  I'm feeling pretty darn good about my February "productivity" report. Without further ado!

L'Oreal Volluminous Million Lashes Mascara in waterproof
I actually had to throw this out because it went bad. I stopped using it sometime in my 2nd trimester and realized it had a funky smell about 10 months later. However, from what I remember I thought it was an ok mascara. It didn't really hold my curl very well and it smudged a little bit. But it did add volume and a little length. 

Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum
My hubby and I used it together. I really liked it because it had highlighting tint in it and really brightened up my sleepy and tired looking eyes. It was light and almost gel-like. My husband liked it for a while but he wasn't as fond of the tint in the product as I was. As for me, I would want to use it again. 

Generic Eyelash Curler
The spring broke. It was ok. 

Olay Complete All Day UV Moisture Cream SPF 15 for normal skin
Another good product. I felt so accomplished finishing this jar!  As a moisturizer with SPF it does the job, but I always wished for something a little more high end and packaged in a prettier jar. Haha!  The brain is a funny thing. 

Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation in light
This was a sample I received with a larger purchase from Sephora a while ago. Let me tell you it blew my mind how silky and blendable this foundation actually is!  It had medium coverage and could have been buildable if I had more of it. When I finish with all of my other foundations (which might be a long time from today) I will look into getting this one. 

Salon Plus Premium Cotton Rounds
Easily accessible, good quality cotton pads. No complaints. 

Boudreaux's Butt Paste
Jellybean finished another one. Still no diaper rash!  Love it!

Clinique Active White Lab Solutions Eye Moisture SPF 15 PA ++
A daytime eye moisturizer with SPF. It's pretty nice to use.  I found that it balls up over certain gelly types of moisturizers, so I liked to use it by itself over toner. It's ok but I don't know if I'll use it again. It was an extra step in my Skincare routine. 

Christian Breton Eye Care
I didn't use this often enough to form an opinion. I think I didn't like it because the rose scent made me nauseated during my pregnancy. So my husband used it. He told me that he preferred this to the Dr. Brandt Eye Serum because it was cooling and it was clear. He didn't have to worry about blending it in like he did with the other one.  As for effectiveness, my husband says he can't tell if the product made his eye area look refreshed or not. He feels he looks the same. 

That's it for this month!