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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Reply to Gummy Vision's Beauty Thoughts

Gummy Vision posted a "real conversation" on her blog regarding some thoughts she's been having about being beauty obsessed (read her post here).  I have definitely been there and done that.

When I first got serious about beauty and skincare (way back in 2008 or 2009 - can't remember which year anymore), I was soaking this stuff up like a sponge!  I didn't know anything about anything and I couldn't get enough.  The more I watched YouTube, the more I "needed" something "absolutely essential".  YouTube was the door to other avenues of getting my beauty fix.  So, in late 2009 when I started blogging, I had ideas about posting product reviews and maybe dabbling in YouTube videos.

1. I'm kind of tired of being beauty obsessed, and I don't know what to do about it. (Gummy Vision)
From my own personal experience, I had to let go of my beauty obsession because I just did not want to afford it.  I didn't want to shell out HUNDREDS of dollars on a skincare line for the hope that it would whiten, brighten, anti-age, whatever I wanted, only to be sorely disappointed that I had spent that much money on stuff that didn't work.

I'm no student of accounting but I believe in the FIFO principle: First In, First Out.  At the rate that I was buying makeup and moisturizers and cleansers and all that jazz, I wasn't using them up fast enough and was collecting a stash of skincare products with expiration dates!  When I realized I had moisturizer that was 5 years old, it make me stop to think if any of these skincare lines actually worked.  And if you read my old blog (here), most product claims are fluff.

As for makeup, I love looking at palettes and limited edition compacts and what not.  I was always on the lookout for the "perfect palette" that I could live out of at home or when I traveled.  And even if there was a palette that answered my desire to cover face, eyes and eyebrows, I was always intrigued by the next "perfect palette" that would be more perfect than the one I already owned.  It got to a point where I realized that I was buying up palettes with all sorts of different colors for the just-in-case-I-feel-like-it moment but I only ever used neutrals.  What good is a palette where the neutrals (colors used daily) had already hit pan and brand new exotic colors wouldn't ever get worn?

Realizing this much was enough for me to get off the wagon about 2 years ago.  Now that I'm a mother, I put it in perspective: ONE Guerlain LE eyeshadow palette upwards of $40 can buy me ONE box of 188 diapers PLUS a small tube of diaper cream.  The diapers and diaper cream will get used up within a month.  I cannot say the same about the palette.

3. General makeup rules are really starting to annoy me. (Gummy Vision)
Haha!  General makeup rules amuse and confuse me.  The thing that gets under my skin in the most annoying way is when I watch tutorials on how to put makeup on monolids.  Most videos I've seen are made by people with full out double lids, or partial monolid.  I absolutely HATE (and I will use this strong word here) when they say "tight line your eyes and line your upper lids, it will make a difference."  When I open my eyes after doing that, all that is visible is eyeliner on the lower lash line.  Seriously, you can put about a centimeter of eyeshadow on my upper lids and when I open my eyes all that is visible is 1 mm, if any at all.

Like said, I've developed my own way of doing things and I've just about stopped watching tutorials all together and I feel so much less stressed and less obsessed.  It's a great feeling!

Some techniques I've used to find my balance

If you feel like you're caught up in something that is starting to consume you alive, just remember that YOU are in CONTROL.

1.  You can turn off the devices that are enabling the behavior, such as computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.

2.  You can structure your time in ways that you can devote an hour or two to only one activity.

3.  You can find an additional interest/hobby or just something else to do.

4.  Ask yourself if you need it or if you want it?

5.  You've found a new product that you really want to buy.  Sit on it for a week and then see if you still really want to buy it on the 8th day.

6.  You are not alone!  A lot of bloggers have a New Year's Resolution to shop less and use more.  We can relate and support each other!



  1. Hey, lady!!! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and's been so helpful to know I'm not alone :-) Seems like everyone has a different breaking point (ah ha moment if you will) where things just click and changes are made from there. I don't know if I've quite reached mine yet, but I've taken steps to decrease the beauty influences in my life - for example unfollowing a bunch of social media accounts, as well as reducing time on makeupalley and significantly reducing my blog roll (I was close to 200 at one point, now I'm down to less than 90). Slowly but surely :-)

    And I absolutely and totally agree with you on the moonlid thing!!! Pretty much every tutorial I've seen that's supposed to be geared for monolids actually show - like you said - girls with double lids or partial mono. Think I've mostly given up on liquid liner because the line has to be horribly thick to even remotely show on my eyes and I'm not crazy about that look (I'm not crazy about a sharp line bc I prefer a slightly smudgy line). I still have trouble with shadow placement in general, though I'm trying to practice more...still nothing ever looks quite right and I generally just prefer a clean eye with a my lids but better wash of color. I could go on and on about my frustrations with eye makeup but I'll spare you LOLOL!! Sounds like we probably have the same frustrations anyway!!

    Love this post, and thank you so much for sharing :-) Love seeing your baby pics on IG btw!!! xoxo Gummy

    1. Hi Gummy! Those are some good steps you've taken! And remember it's not always about getting "there", it's about the journey, too.

      Haha! I think we have the same style when it comes to lining our eyes and it probably works best while looking as natural as possible. :-)

      Catch you later and can't wait to see your next pro picture!


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