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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Figure Robics by Jung Dayeon: Figure Mat

My most favorite workouts are those that require minimal equipment, like this new one from S. Korean fitness guru Jung Dayeon. Her workouts are becoming my new favorites because I can do them just about anywhere and any time. I think these would be perfect for when you travel. No need for extra clothes or shoes, and especially no extra equipment!  

Ok, enough of me raving about this workout. Here it is!

Top: pictures go left to right. Of all the warm ups I've seen, the above are some really neat moves I've never seen done before. 

Above: pictures go left to right

Top row (Figure Mat 1): up and down leg lift. Do 8 full leg lifts, then pump leg up and down 16 times. Switch legs.

Bottom row (Figure Mat 2): stretch out the leg to the side 8 times. Switch legs. 

Repeat the entire sequence. 

Above: pictures go left to right. 

Top row (Figure Mat 3): these are like sit ups but you only go back as far as the starting position. Do 8 of these sit ups, then 16 half sit ups.

Bottom left (Figure Mat 4): from the starting position, lift your arms straight up. Do this 8 times. 

Not shown (Figure Mat 5): do a Mat 3 sit up followed by raising your arms like in Mat 4. This is one rep. Do this 8 times. 

Bottom right (Mat 6): keeping your body in starting position, twist torso side to side 8 times. 

Do this entire sequence 2 times. 

Above: pictures go from top to bottom

Top left (Figure Mat 7): crunches, do 8 regular crunches the 16 quick little crunches. 

Bottom left (Figure Mat 8): hold your final crunch with arms extended upwards for 8 counts. 

Top right (Figure 9): these are reverse crunches for lower abs. Start with legs out just above the floor, the lift them straight up. Keep your tummy tucked in and back on the floor. Do this 8 times. 

Middle right (Figure Mat 10): lift pelvis into shoulder bridge position 8 times, followed by 16 little lifts. 

Bottom right (Figure Mat 11): this is like Mat 10 but with one leg lifted. Lift pelvis up into a one-legged shoulder bridge 8 times, followed by 16 little lifts. Switch legs. 

Repeat this entire sequence. 

Figure Mat 12: lift leg 8 times, followed by 16 little lifts. Switch legs. 

Figure Mat 13: same as above. 

Repeat the entire sequence. 

Figure Mat 14: I guess this is kind of like waving as if your tall grass blowing in the wind. Do this 8 times, with the key being to also roll your hips. 

Figure Mat 15: a windmill stretch sitting down. Do this 8 times. 

Do the sequence twice. 

Figure Mat 16: swimming. Do this 8 times, alternating sides.

Figure Mat 17: Superman lift. Lift 8 times, then hold the lifted position for 4 counts 4 times. 

Above: pictures go left to right. 

Top row (Figure Mat 19): a classic butt exercise. Lift leg 8 times, followed by 16 little lifts. Switch legs. 

Bottom row (Figure Mat 20): this is a sideways version of Mat 19. Do this 8 times. Switch legs. 

Repeat Mat sequences 16 through 20 twice. 

Above: pictures go from top to bottom. 

So, If you want to see the video do a YouTube search on Jung Dayeon's Figure Robics. Someone in the world will upload it. If you want to buy her DVDs from Amazon, do a search on Chondayon (I don't get how the spelling of her name can be so different). 

I haven't done this particular workout yet but I am planning to incorporate them into my weekly rotation. I'm a new fan. Lol!

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