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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workouts to do with Baby

Jellybean is so much fun now. She's engaged, playing, wants to know everything that is going on, and wants to play all the time. My old way of working out, putting her in a bouncy and working out in front of her for 20 minutes is making her bored.  Beware a bored baby!!!

So, I've been on the hunt for exercises I can do with the Bean - playing exercises, if you will. I love the following workouts.  Jellybean loves her play time and I get a pretty good workout.  We're both equally engaged in the activity. 

I carry Jellybean in the Ergo when we do this one. It's just an added layer of security that I won't accidentally drop her when doing lunges or squats. 

I don't think this workout is meant to be completed at once but hurrah if you can!  There are only pros with this workout: you play and bond with baby, your baby is your workout weight and they only get heavier, and you can continue doing these even after baby can be more independent.  

Enjoy the fun!

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