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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Second Trimester Second Time Around

We're in the home stretch of the 2nd trimester with Baby #2 and I have a couple of words:

I feel everything earlier!

When I was pregnant with Jellybean, I didn't really feel aches and pains until the 3rd trimester.  With this pregnancy I started feeling every ache and pain in the 2nd trimester.

Pelvic / Round ligament pain
This is the pain that occurs in and around the pubic bone.  It feels like there is no muscular support for the weight of the baby and uterus.  For me, the pain brings to mind of my body starting to stretch out before it should.  When the pain is particularly sharp, it conjures images of my body splitting apart from the groin.

Back pain
Extra weight, extra strain.  Also sometimes I get a pinched nerve and can't straighten out.

Swelling feet
My feet are retaining a bit of water and have been a tad swollen for a couple of weeks.  But I never regained my pre-pregnancy feet size after Jellybean was born.  So I need to wear shoes that are wider than normal.

Like with Jellybean's, I show early.  My tummy was normal one week and the next week it just seemed to balloon out with Baby #2.  But the difference was that when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Jellybean, it was a smaller baby bump than when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Baby #2.

Feeling the baby move
Hands down this is the best part of being pregnant.  I started feeling Baby #2 move at 18 weeks (Jellybean was at 24 weeks). Every time our daughter moves I feel assured that everything is progressing fine.

I really can't wait to meet our daughter.  I hope that our hospital will let us take Jellybean into the delivery and recovery rooms so she can be present for the birth of her sister.

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