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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Renewing interest in YouTube beauty channels

Is it cosmic irony or what?  Jellybean is 18 months and I finally feel like I'm getting a good beauty and skincare routine going.  In 2 more months this is going to change and I'll probably revert to being a frazzled new mom all over again. 

Anyways, I've been getting back into watching makeup and skincare videos on YouTube lately after maybe a 3 year hiatus. I even found my old channel and learned a trick from my old self!!  

The reason I got off the YouTube beauty wagon was that I felt compelled to keep buying all the newest palettes or limited edition stuff. The people I followed then were always ALWAYS buying makeup and I was jumping in on that. And honestly, it got to the point where I was getting fed up with it. I was spending a lot of money on makeup I would rarely or never wear, and hundreds of dollars on high-end skincare products and I still broke out. Watch the old videos of me and you'll see what condition my skin was in using expensive skincare.  My beauty habit was not supporting our (my husband's and my) goal of buying a house, getting married, and starting a family so I cut YouTubing out of my life and have only kept up with certain blogs. 

I'm now rebuilding my subscriptions to my favorite YouTube personalities but I don't think I'll fall into the same trap of spending much needed money on superfluous stuff. I've got my children's future to save up for and I need to set an example of saving money and spending wisely.  We'll see how it evolves, I suppose. 

My old YouTube channel is KusanagiGirl1. Wow!  I was much thinner then. Got to lose this baby weight, but that's another battle to fight... Later. Haha!

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