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Monday, June 29, 2015

Diaper Review: Pampers and Huggies

I wanted to do a diaper review a long time ago as Jellybean was outgrowing some of her diapers and we ran into leaking problems but I never got around to it. Well, now I can!

We bought some Newborn diapers as we continue to wait for Gummybear's arrival (38 weeks now) and I was shocked at how small Newborn diapers are, as well as amazed at how much Jellybean has grown!  I mean, look at the size difference!  Wow!!!  Anyways, let's start the review!

Pampers Swaddlers

1. The Yellow Line
What I really like about Pampers Swaddlers is that (for a premium) you get the diapers with a yellow line. In the first couple of days after your baby is born everything revolves around the number of pee and poop diapers you change in a day. This is to ensure that your baby is taking in enough breastmilk and is growing. The yellow line turns blue whenever it gets wet with pee. So since babies pee and poop a lot it's a great way to see that the plumbing is working. 

2. Smells Like Baby Powder
I like that Pampers smells like baby powder. It makes a baby smell like a baby. Other than that I don't really like any other artificial baby smelling products. 

3. Dry Weave Technology
The weave on this diaper wicks away moisture from the baby's bottom to keep baby comfortable and dry. I'm not saying to leave the diaper on for more than 1-2 hours but it's helpful to know that your baby isn't going to be too uncomfortable. 

Side note 1:  I unfold diapers like this (above picture). I don't know how nurses and daycare teachers can change a baby's diaper without unfolding it first. Does anyone else do this?

4. Velcro Tabs
These Velcro tabs are easy to use and stiff so they don't flop all over the place. They secure the diaper nicely. 

5. Space for Umbilical Cord
I love that Pampers made a little space for umbilical cord stump care. Yes, you can always fold the top of the diaper down but it's just nice knowing that the diaper engineers thought of it too. 

6. Overall Design Works for Infants
The overall design of this diaper works with infants who can't move around too much. We tried to be a one brand family with Jellybean as she grew up and started walking and running but we found that this style of diaper works best with mostly immobile infants. That said, let's move on to Huggies. 

Huggies Lil Cruisers

1. No Scent
So, even though I love the baby smell of the Pampers diapers, I'm also ok with no scent on the Huggies diapers. This actually works for Jellybean because she's starting to hold her pee more and her poop cycle is regulating itself. She's not yet at the potty training stage yet so sometimes she does not tell us when she has pooped. She's still happy to cozy up with the warmth of her poop for now. That this diaper has no scent helps us adults know when she has pooped and to clean her up right away as to prevent diaper rash. 

2. Dry Weave Technology
Same as above, this wicks the moisture away from her butt really quickly. But since she's been in daycare we've been battling bouts of diaper rash. So even though the liquid holding capacity of this diaper is awesome, rarely do I test its limit. I change Jellybean's diaper as soon as she pees, as soon as I see its puffy, or as soon as we start or end an activity. We go through a lot of diapers.....

3. Elastic Back Waist Band
This is perfect for a toddler on the go!  The elasticity holds the diaper in place while giving the toddler freedom of movement. 

Side note 2:  I really do unfold every single diaper like this. Tell me I'm not the only one!

4. Extra Velco Tab
That extra purple Velcro tab helps secure the diaper in place for an active toddler. It creates 4 points of contact that hold the diaper up while the toddler in walking, running, climbing or scooting around. However, I am insistent that there be a huge amount of material between the bottom of the purple Velcro thing and the top of the opening of the leg. Any shorter than what I've drawn in the picture and you run the risk of the Velcro rubbing and chafing the baby's leg. And trust me, seeing such an angry red mark on the baby should make the heart of any parent weep. 

5. Large Capacity for Pee and Poop
When you put a diaper like this on an infant who can't really move the diaper looks baggy or saggy. It's not necessary for an infant because you're going to change their diaper before it reaches capacity. But this diaper is perfect for a toddler. The bagginess of the diaper allows for more airflow to keep her little butt dry. But bigger kids put out bigger poop and bigger pee. The bagginess of this diaper is extra room for all that waste so it catches blowouts better. 

6. Stretch Tabs
The white Velcro tab itself is not stretchy but the blue piece it's on is stretchy. Again, I appreciate it for the security while allowing freedom of movement. My only gripe with this is that when I change Jellybean's poopy diapers while standing up the tabs, no matter how I fold the elastic waist band back, almost always fall into the poop!  It's like they're drawn to it!!  No one wants to work with a diaper with poopy tabs!  However, as I only change 2 poopy diapers a day, I can live with it considering that everything else about this diaper is perfect for my toddler. 

That's it for my thoughts on diapers. 

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